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In here you can find the Video Lectures I have been posting in the FB page. I am not good at talking and terrible at video-editing, so yeah… If you want to know about Swordfighting, you will find them interesting and good enough for teaching you a couple of things. These videos go over the basics, the true whole system would need 20,000 videos, ok, maybe not that much, but content yourself with it or go read some treatises!

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Lecture #1 Rapier specifications and how to handle it

In here I explain the most suitable type of Rapier Sword for the practice of historical fencing. Furthermore there is a brief oversimplification about how to handle the sword in various ways.

Lecture #2 Posture for Rapier Swordfighting

This old video published years ago in my facebook page contains useful information on posture, position, etc for the practice of Rapier.

Lecture #3 Steps

It is still an oversimplificated video I did years ago. There are things I don’t like, such calling Medio a distance when in fact is a “situation”, but is still useful for newcomers.

Lecture #4 Basic movements of the sword

In this short video I just display the concepts on the simple rapier sword movements in the three dimensional axis.

Lecture #5 Regarding Edge attacks (cuts)

In this video you can find information about pedagogical concepts linked to the use of the edge in Rapier Fencing.

Make your own pellet / training doll

Video on values and moral aspects, on Verdadera Destreza and Destreza Nova

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