Some info about events I have been involved since I started this “thing”.

August 2021: In collaboration with Steeve Malette the Destreza Study Group in Outaouais is born.
This is a Study Group for Destreza Rapier Swordmanship, the ancient Spanish historical Martial Art of fencing. The goal is to increase the interest of such Art in the area of Outaouais (Canada), but it is open to expand the limits to whoever wants to learn, even online. Occasionally (about once a month) there will be scheduled face-to-face classes in a place to be determined, most probably in the area of Gatineau. Depending on the growth of the group it is not discarded to have online meetings or special workshops once a year, bringing some personalities of the Destreza around the world. This is a healthy group in order to gain knowledge of Destreza among nice people and it is the duty of all the components to keep it like that. Respect, inclusivity and humility are core values of this group. Anyone who does not follow them would be banned. Click here for more information.
Here a picture of the first encounter in Wakefield, 22nd of August.

Octobre 2018: 2-day / 16 hrs workshop on Destreza in Shanghai, Hosted by Shanghai Historical Martial Arts. SHMA.

Co-founder/manager at Montreal Sword Meisters 2019.

Picture by Catherine Gauthier, public release on MSM Facebook page

6 Hour Workshop on Destreza for Académie Scrimicie. Québec 2019

Event in Montreal 2018, organized by EMR and Escrime Nouvellle-France. Introduction to Destreza Rapier and Smallsword, following de Brea doctrine.

Schwertkampf Mexico 2018. Exercises for Destreza on Rapier, control of distance and perfection of basic concepts.

Co-founder of Montreal Sword Meister 2018 and Instructor of Sword and Cape Workshop at the event.

American Smallsword Symposium 2017. Verdadera Destreza Workshop on Smallsword and Rapier, following the discipline of Manuel Antonio de Brea.

Picture by Medieval Combat Villeneuve.

Rapier & Dagger Workshop at HALBSCHWERT BARCELONA 2015, organized by
Sala d’Armes Creu de Sant Jordi. Video by Sergi Tous y Toni Alcalde

Rapier Exhibition hosted by Sala d’Armes Creu de Sant Jordi, Barcelona 2015 (Picture by Arnau Desbosc)

For at least three consecutive years I had the honor to participate with my former club AEACC, AEAS and Sala St Jordi in exhibitions of historical fencing in the World Finals of Sport fencing epee Junior category.

Youtube Destreza Lecture for the Sacramento Sword school. 2020. Hosted by Puck Curtis and Eric Myers.

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