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Online library to a great variety of docs by Schola Artis Gladii et Armorum, this must be your first bookmark in your browser app.
Wiktenauer is a great reference for books, manuscripts and treatises, it must be in your list.
De Brea 1805 Translation by John Cropper, the first open translation to English of such treatise.
Smallsword project by Scott Wright. Enjoy a great variety of smallsword information of all types including treatises, interpretations and translations.
⚔ A beautiful number of translations and many other sources related to Iberian Swordmanship by Tim Rivera.
⚔ Variety of references for many Destreza sources, which excludes my page for unknown reasons. A work of compilation by Doug Kozlowski.
⚔ Choose your Smallsword! Find in this link a list of Smallsword sellers, made by Finn Beazlie.
⚔ Here a blog from my colleague Jérôme Vigeant called “Les Élucubrations d’un Escrimeur Vendéen au Québec” in which you can find a lot of HEMA content in French.
⚔ Find a French translation of Luis Díaz de Viedma (1639) by Joanna Roux et MO Blattlin in here, which comes from the French HEMA Federation website .


Vivientes / Círculo de Espadas is a platform based in Ecuador for national and international students who want to learn swordsmanship among many other subjects. Find more info in their website:

I put many hours of my life in fencing, teaching and making clubs and
events bigger with little or no reward on the way. If you think that my spent time has been helpful to you, in any way, feel humble to get me a coffee in the following link:
Much Appreciated!!
or also at:


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