What is it now?! Merchandise?! 🤩

Yes you are right, this is Destreza Nova Merchandise. Why? How?

Well… at first I created T-shirts and hoodies just for me. I only wanted to have my own brand uniform when I do my travel-workshops and seminars, but for some reason people liked it and asked me how and where to get them… I was like 🤷 No idea!

But I found out that has print-on-demand and they send all around the globe. So here it is! Find here many stuff with the logo, towels, bags… you can get even a puzzle!

Part of the tiny benefits will go to United World Schools (UWS) which works in hard-to-reach areas to give every child access to quality, inclusive education.
For T-shirt and other accessories:
For hoodies:

The art became a brand and now we have patches for it!
10 CAD each patch, shipping not included.
Send me email asking which ones you like and I send you back a paypal link.


Currently there are only small patches available. Choose the amount and write down your address in the comment section when doing the payment. Thank you!


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