Every good fencer needs knowledge,
don’t be lazy and open your books.

Find here The Epic Study & Interpretation of the 1805 Manuel de Brea’s Destreza-Fencing Treatise. If you want to suggest any changes do not hesitate to contact me. This is a first edition and the link may change from time to time after every corrected errata. Last update: 7th April 2021.

This is a Destreza Glossary, a compendium of words (more than 160 entries) and concepts from the old Spanish Martial Art of Fencing, not necessary to be just Verdadera Destreza, but also Vulgar or Common Destreza.
Last update: 10th Feb. 2021 Added acknowledgements and links of interest

Find in here some foodwork advice for Historical Fencing, the doc doesn’t only talk about how to move but also gives some hints about the perfect shoes for practicing.

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