Every good fencer needs knowledge,
don’t be lazy and open your books.

Find in the following links some of the docs I have been writing along my career in order to assist all new fencers to approach to Destreza (Verdadera, Common and Nova). Beware that the links may change from time to time, since all the documents might be reedited eventually, adding new information or improving the existing one.

Find here The Epic Study & Interpretation of the 1805 Manuel de Brea’s Destreza-Fencing Treatise. This treatise is an easy approach to Destreza and it is recommended to all new “Diestros” before venturing to more complex treatises.

Andre’s Destreza Glossary This is a Destreza Glossary, a compendium of words (more than 170 entries) and concepts from the old Spanish Martial Art of Fencing, not necessary to be just Verdadera Destreza, but also Vulgar or Common Destreza.
Last update: 9th October 2021. Some corrections added as well as new techniques, specially from Common Destreza.

Rapier Gear Safety Guidelines: This document aims to provide a general guideline regarding gear for achieving a safe practice during the exercise of Rapier Swordsmanship, a very useful text for many HEMA or Historical Fencing instructors as well as many clubs.

Fantastic Gear Items & Where to Find Them This document includes many links in order to recommend models and brands of gear in order to help new fencers to acquire a suitable material for the practice of Rapier Swordsmanship. Last Update: 29th July 2021

Hema Footwork Find in here some footwork advice for Historical Fencing, the doc doesn’t only talk about how to move but also gives some hints about the perfect shoes for practicing.

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