Even if I want to keep this site professional, I feel sometimes obliged to respond to many social warriors, trolls, shitposters and other so called bully-heroes that want to publicly go against my work. My contribution to Rapier martial arts, especially in Verdadera Destreza, has been mostly selflessly, for the good of the community itself and the many students that search in me an instructor who spent many years in historical fencing and does not seek to become rich out of it.
It is a waste of time battling such people, but sometimes it can be fun, especially when truth hits them back to their place.

I hate academical tittles and I never wanted to display them, since I used to consider them a misleading information that can be confused with mere publicity or marketing. There are so many ways to achieve a phD or a Master and not always is as hard as it seems. I do not say that everyone who is a phD did not work hard to get it, far from it, what I do say is that the way of achieving tittles around the world became so blurry and inconsistent that the real meaning got lost over time, it could be the same with fencing titles. I spent 14 years of my life stepping on several universities and I do have a Master in Health Care Research specialized in Dental Sciences by the University of Barcelona.
I started using the tittle as a pun due to the following context:
Once upon a time, a colleague called me “Master” inside a facebook post from a group. The Admin of such group removed the comment, saying that it could be misinterpreted as a joke towards other members who were REAL Masters of Arms. I considered it funny, since the Admin never bothered to fact-check any info about me, probably I am just a non-famous person. Therefore and since then, as a pun to that moment, I decided to add such tittle to my writings.
My friend Jose, who is also my former tutor in Longsword, made this meme for me.
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